Cover reveal: Multidimensional

Cover reveal: Multidimensional
Cover design by TCS. Art by Marco Avery Rose.

(Coming in 2021)

It’s 2004. Three anime-loving friends take a wild road trip to protect fictional characters who have slipped into our world.

I wrote a reverse portal fantasy in 2004 for NaNoWriMo. My beta readers at the time loved it and prodded me to publish it, but I was too shy (and too clueless) back then to do anything other than shove the novel into a virtual drawer.

When Kalikoi came along in 2020 I realized I needed to Do All the Things of self-publishing, which included establishing an author page on Amazon.

Which required uploading an e-book.

E-books require covers. I was fortunate to be able to work with Marco Avery Rose (Instagram @marcoaveryroseart), a young queer Texan artist who completely nailed a goofy adventure-romance vibe in their illustration for me. Definitely set a high bar for my revision of the book (so yes, I did totally judge the original draft of the book by its sparkling new cover, and dove into a major rewrite.

A few things have backburned the novel since, but I hope to bring it out later this year.