I grew up playing barbarian princess in the wooded ravines behind my house and writing stories about Amazons in pastel chitons. After making a run at medical school in the late 1970s, I went to work for a non-profit educational institution for several years, where I ran the library, produced a newsletter, and wrote radio ads until I was caught up in the software development bubble of the 80s, and then put in a quarter of a century as a technical writer and usability virago.

I have written fanfiction on and off since 1978, but in the past few years have gradually shifted to creating female-centric original fiction, most often drawing on action adventure, comedy, erotica, fantasy, and romance genre tropes (at times to subvert them).

When I’m not writing I’m either napping, watching kitten videos, or chatting with on-line friends about various fannish issues. I sometimes make quilts.

Currently rattling around an empty nest in Texas, I hope to build a passive solar house in New Hampshire some day.