Kalikoi logo revealed!

Kalikoi logo revealed!

Ta-da! Look at this lovely logo!

The short version of the story of the name and logo is this: as the publishers have both calico cats and calico koi, the initial idea was to call this new publishing venture showcasing F/F romance “Calico House,” with a logo of a calico cat and a calico koi touching noses. However as there is already a Calico House, someone suggested Kalikoi.

Not only did that word evoke the Hellenic world (yes, and by Hellenic world we mean Sappho), but, according to Google Translate, καλήκος  (kalikos) means “friend.”

The decision to go with Kalikoi became unanimous when our logo artist mentioned that Kaliko is apparently a mostly-feminine name in Hawai’ian that means “beautiful bud.”

All of which feels perfectly apropos. Don’t you agree?

For more info on Kalikoi (including links to all their social media), visit: https://www.kalikoi.com/